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Saturday, October 12, 2013

10 loại vũ khí của mọi thời đại

10 Walther PPK

Walther PP pistols were among the most important developments of the inter-war period. Produced between 1929 and 1945 in significant numbers, these pistols, among with the basically similar but smaller PPK, were widely used as police and military guns in Hitler’s Nazi Germany. Many of the post-war intelligence agencies standardized on the PPK. In addition to MI5 and MI6, the PPK has been used by German BND, Frances’ SDECE, Israel’s Mossad and Switzerland’s Intelligence and Security Service. The Chinese intelligence service actually issued a PPK clone.

9. Sniper Rifle

The main intention of this sniper is to demolish targets at extended ranges with aimed fire, and with as few ammunition as possible. The range for sniper fire may vary from 100 meters or even less in police/counter-terror scenarios, or up to 1 kilometer or more – in military or special operations scenarios.

8. Boomerang

You will wonder why boomerang is in this list. But, to confirm you, the criteria this list compilation concerns weapons which fall along the lines of historical significance, ease of use and effectiveness. Considered as “weapon of gods”, its purpose is to hit and injure the target sufficiently to enable it to be captured, or slow enough for the spear throwers to get into range.

7. Tebuchet

The trebuchet was designed as a giant catapult, or sling. Missiles thrown from the trebuchet catapults were deadly. The trebuchet is generally associated with throwing stones. The trebuchet also gave birth to biological warfare. Not only could it throw rocks great distances, but the trebuchet could also hurl chemicals over an enemy’s fortified walls.

6. Pike

For hundreds of years the Pike had been a staple of the modern battlefield, varying considerably in size, from 3 to 6 m (10 to over 20 feet) long. On the battlefield, pikes were often used in “hedgehog” formations, particularly by troops such as rebel peasants and militias. In these, the troops simply stood and held their pikes out in the direction of the enemy, sometimes standing in great circles or squares with the men facing out in all directions so that the enemy was confronted by a forest of bristling pikeheads, and could not attack the formation from the sides or rear.

5. Ballista

The Ballista was designed as a giant catapult. One type of Ballista was a tension-driven device called a springald. The springald closely resembled a crossbow in function with a vertical springboard fixed at its lower end to a timber frame. The springboard moved like a lever. he Ballista can shoot for hundreds of feet depending on the weight of the projectile, how long the track is and how springy the bungee is.

5. Longbow

Contemporary accounts claim that at short range, an arrow fired from it could penetrate 4 inches of seasoned oak. The armored knight, considered at one time to be the leviathan of the battlefield, could now be felled at ranges up to 200 yards by a single arrow. One account recalls a knight being pinned to his horse by an arrow that passed through both armored thighs, with the horse and saddle between.

3. Tommy Gun

The Thompson submachine gun, or “Tommy gun,” has become synonymous with American gangstersof the 1920s, though it was only in production for a few decades. Its colorful and violent history make it one of the most recognizable firearms in history. It would be unlikely for anyone to picture the roaring twenties without a Tommy gun blazing away from the window of a black sedan.

2. AK 47

Designed to kill people and win wars, it is one of the most effective killing machine in human history. Born out of Mikhail Kalashnikov’s obsession to create a weapon capable of driving the invading Germans from his motherland, the Soviet weapons designer produced an assault rifle renowned as much for its simplicity as for its effectiveness.

1 Nắm đấm

Think of the body as a set of weapons systems. Your primary weapon system is your brain; your secondary weapon system is your body. Every other weapon you can think of: knife, club, or firearm is ancillary, or useless without the first 2 systems in place. Without the brain you can’t command the finger to pull the trigger, or thrust the knife, or swing the club. So it only makes sense that your mission in a life and death situation is to shut down your attacker’s brain or central nervous system (CNS).

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