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Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Love yourself

As human beings we need to escape and slow down, particularly if we are carrying a lot of responsibility. We need rhythms that allow for days off, for weekends and holidays. How many besides me have Christmas after Christmas, where we are so run down from overload, that we end up ill for the first 4 days.

Whether we have a faith or not, the commandments are a great way to live one says love your neighbour as you love yourself.

Lot's of people remember the bit about loving your neighbour many forget loving yourself. It's a relief to discover what is it that rebuilds my mind, soul and makes me a complete person,' Actually when I do that I am much better for everyone else. Human beings are wonderful things, but incredibly fragile. We're not machines but even machines need servicing once in a while.

For years Gill has supported the family, taught the kids at home and been a fantastic support to me in what is a demanding lifestyle. She has lived a sacrificial lifestyle. And I love Gill for so many reasons, but one of the things she has constantly encouraged - even though she always wants more time together - is that I should go on the water as often as I can. As she puts it it's the only thing that makes me bearable to live with!

What she knows better than anyone else is that I need that to restore my soul, to recharge my emotional spiritual and physical batteries. I haven't always had easy access to the water, so there have been other ways. I have what I call a stones throw - I talk about it in other programs. Essentially it is a physical place in the outdoors, which is close enough not to be lonely, but far enough away to be at least a stones' throw from people and phones and busyness. It becomes a place of familiar comfort. A place where you can see smell and touch created things, natural things, rather than man-made stuff. I still do that and it is very cathartic.

Somebody said to a friend of mine years ago, Rob you live such a busy life style you are running so many agendas, you seemed to have lost the trick in this busy world of even spending time with yourself.

You can't be in a room without the TV on, can't be in a car without the radio on. They suggested he go in a park once a week for ten minutes and just kick the leaves. Don't take a notebook with you, don't think of a new job to do. Just learn again to be with you.

Gill my wife has different ways. For her it's a variety of small things. Hobbies, scrapbooking, doing the family genealogy, breeding birds, jig saws, bits in the garden All those things AND SHOPPING - retail therapy bring her restoration and she loves them.

Have permission and encouragement tonight to discover what it is that restores your soul. Learn to love yourself.
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